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This module contains a list of web-scripts that you can install on you WWW domain. Here you can view detailed information about a desired web-script, its functionality, current version, and author.

Note: deleting the use will result in deleting all web-scripts that this user installed on the server.

If WWW domains are not available to you (the number of WWW domains in a service package is set to 0), this module won't be accessible in the control panel.

Module «Web-scripts»
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Image:T-edit.png Web-script information

View web-scripts collection

  • Name - name of the web-script.
  • Version - current version of the web-script.
  • Description - brief description of the web-script's functionality.
  • Uploaded - shows whether this script is uploaded to the local repository:
Image:p-on.png - web-scrip is uploaded
Image:p-off.png - web-script is not uploaded

Install web-script

To install a web-script, select one from the list, click the "Install" icon and fill out the form. Note: the forms will vary depending on the web-script you want to install.

Module «Web-scripts»
  • Domain - select a WWW domain to install the selected web-script.
  • Path - provide the path to the directory to install the web-script.

Note: if the web-script is not included in the local repository (the icon Image:p-off.png is displayed in the column "Uploaded"), first it will be uploaded to the repository and then you will be able to install it.

Module «Web-scripts»
  • I agree to the License agreement - select the check box if you accept the agreement. You are not allowed to proceed with the installation unless you agree to its terms.

Provide other information when prompted. The infromation you need to specify will vary depending on the web-script you are installing.

Module «Web-scripts»

On the last step you will be shown a link to the newly installed script

Module «Web-scripts»

Clicking OK will install the script. It will be displayed on the list of web-scripts.

Web-script information

This function allows you to view information about a web-script that can be installed on the user's web-domain. To do that, select a web-script and click the "Info" icon:

Module «Web-scripts»
  • Name - name of the web-script.
  • Version - current version of the web-script.
  • Author - web-site where you can fine infromation about this web-script.
  • Packager - company that developed this web-script.
  • Home page - home page of the web-site of the company that developed this web-script.
  • Description - detailed description of the web-script functionality.
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