Installing BILLmanager on Shared hosting

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Before installing BILLmanager on virtual hosting, make sure that it meets the requirements listed below.


  • Your virtual hosting must support CGI.
  • CGI must locate in the directory where you wish to install BILLmanager.
  • Default UTF-8 encoding to avoid problems with displaying national symbols.
  • Prior to installation of BILLmanager create a new database with the UTF-8 encoding.
  • MySQL 5.0 and later with InnoDB support.
  • At least 128 MB of RAM for running the script. Please read Managing memory consumption for details.


  • You can download the installation script at and locate it into the directory where you wish to install BILLmanager.
  • Set the file attribute that allows for the script execution.
  • Access the script through your browser.
  • Fill out the form providing the required parameters.
  • Once the installation is complete, the script will redirect you to the authorization form of the newly installed BILLmanager.

Known issues

Cannot use the icon "Go to server". The cause of the problem: external cgi modules of BILLmanager cannot fimd their libraries, because on the Shared hosting server the module suexec does not send the value of the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable. To resolve the issue, you need to re-enable the suexec module with the "LD_LIBRARY_PATH" option.

Shared hosting user cannot perform this operation, so he can use an alternative way:

Write a script for every nonfunctional module that will set environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH, and then start the cgi-module. Let's take an example of the goserver module:

Rename the module into goserver.back. Create the goserver script:

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/var/www/test/data/www/ 
exec /var/www/test/data/www/ $* 

Change the owner into the Shared hosting user, set the execute privileges. The drawback of this method is that you will have to restore your scripts and manually update the renamed modules upon BILLmanager update.

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