Installing CommunigatePro on FreeBSD

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This article walks you trough the steps you need to perform to install CommunigatePro on FreeBSD 8 and integrate it with ISPmanager.

Before installing CommunigatePro, make sure that the following requirements are met:

  • fresh installation is required;
  • a minimal version of the FreeBSD 8 operating system;
  • a stable version of ISPmanager.

Disabling Sendmail

Stop the MTA

 /etc/rc.d/sendmail stop

Place the parameters below into /etc/rc.conf to disable Sendmail


Installing CommunigatePro

Download the package at (mind the architecture). In our case, it is CGatePro-FreeBSD8-Intel-544.tgz.



 pkg_add CGatePro-FreeBSD8-Intel-544.tgz

Once the installation is complete, start the program by executing:


Connect to the server, using port 8010. In your browser, type the URL: http://IP-адрес_сервера:8010 and set the password that ISPmanager will use to integrate with CommunigatePro.

Integrating CommunigatePro with ISPmanager

Disable the MTA in ISPmanager:

   ISPmanager -> Server settings -> Applications-> Email server  (SMTP) -> "Delete"

Specify the parameters below in the ISPmanager configuration file /usr/local/ispmgr/etc/ispmgr.conf

 MTA cgpro
 CommunigateProUser postmaster
 CommunigateProPassword <PASSWORD>
 path CommunigateProPath /var/CommuniGate

where the first parameter specifies an MTA, the second specifies a user, whose password is used for authentication. The password is specified by the third parameter. If you run FreeBSD, the default user is postmaster. We set the password for this user when starting CommunigatePro. The fourth parameter specifies a directory where the program is located.

Once you have modified the configuration file, restart ISPmanager with killall ispmgr. Then, log in to the control panel to configure an email domain and mailboxes.

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