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System requirements

This article provides information on installing ISPmanager for Windows on your server, including pre-requisites and the stages you should pass.

Operating system

The list of supported operating systems is growing all the time. You can view it at You must have administrator privileges to install ISPmanager on Windows. If not, the Setup Wizard will inform that you do not have enough privileges and will stop installation.



To install ISPmanager You need Internet Information Services 7.0 and DNS server. All the software required for ISPmanager operation should be installed. If IIS 7.0 is not present, the Setup Wizard will stop installation.


If DNS server is not installed, the Wizard will send the message


and stop installation.

If all the required software is installed on the server, the Setup Wizard will trie to customize it to run with ISPmanager.

Server IP-address

To install the software you must have a static IP-address, that is present on the server network address and used for connection via http (addresses translation is not allowed).

Installation guide

Follow the steps below to perform a successful installation of ISPmanager:

Step 1


Welcome to the ISPmanager Windows Setup Wizard. You should have a valid license to proceed with this step. If not, you can order it at

Step 2


Carefully read the terms of the License agreement. You must agree to the License agreement to proceed with the installation.

Step 3


When creating a user, you need to enter a login and password. Password field must not be blank, otherwise you won't be able to proceed with the continue installation. If the installation interrupts and the process returns to the first step, the newly created user will be removed.

Step 4


Before starting the installation, the folder "c:\inetpub\wwwroot" is transferred to "c:\inetpub\wwwroot_back".

Step 5


The application is ready to install ISPmanager.

Step 6


During the installation process the Setup Wizard copies all the files for correct performance and starts the required services.

Step 7


Completing the ISPmanager installation.

You can get access to ISPmanager by opening the following URL in your favourite browser. Log in to the control panel using login and password of the newly created user.


where IP-address is the IP-address of your server.

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