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Sometimes a customer may need to perform certain actions when modifying a service add-on. You can create a message with detailed instruction on how to configure a service and automatically send it to your customers.

The process of creating an instruction includes:

Add-on modification message template : changeaddonnotify - Instruction on how a customer can modify a service add-on
Add-on configuration instruction template: you should define it for a specific item type and its add-on.

Note: to be able to send the letter to customers, you must have the instruction template added for a specific item type/add-on, add-on modification message template created and the check box "Send instruction upon modification" selected.

Add-on modification message template

A message template defines a general structure of the service modification letter. This is an XSL template that can be used to form an email message. Go to BILLmanager -> the Message templates module to edit the structure of a template, test it and see the resulting message. If an instruction template is specified for an item type/add-on, the <instruction> tag will be added to the XML that will be used to form a resulting email message.

Add-on configuration instruction template

An instruction template includes an XSL template to modify the XML document that can be used to form an email message, except for the <instruction> tag that is missing when the template message is being used.

The main difference between a message template and instruction is that an instruction template is unique for a specific item type and its add-on.

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