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If you want to offer your customers dedicated servers and colocation services using BILLmaager and DSmanager, do the followings:

  1. Go to the Server management module to create a processing server running DSmanager.
  2. Go to the Package management module to create a new service package and activate it for the above created server.
  3. Server configuration for colocation should be provided in the same way as for "Manual setup".

Attention!!! A single server cannot process different types of services. If one of your servers is running DSmanager that processes both dedicated servers and colocation, in BILLmanager you should add two different processing servers integrated with DSmanager.

Configuring BILLmanger for dedicated servers

Go to the Server management module to make sure that the server's configuration tab includes "Preset available_server". Configuration is taken automatically from DSmanager (all the servers of all types with "no owner" are selected). In the service package you should provide the internal name specified in the server configuration.

For example: if "Preset HPCorei5" is specified in the configuration, the internal name of the package should be "HPCorei5".

To enable customers to choose a default operating system that will be installed on the server, do the followings:

  1. Go to the Enumerations module to create an enumeration providing names of the OS. Its internal name should coincide with that from the Operating system images(DSmanager) module.
  2. Go to the service package module to set the "Operating system" parameter choosing "enumeration" as its value and providing the enumeration created at in item 1.

No other settings are required. All the operations over the servers will be performed automatically by BILLmanager. If an error occurs while performing this operation, a corresponding error message will be sent to a department in charge of this issue.

Configuring BILLmanger to provide colocation (only in BILLmanager Corporate)

Note: this feature is available in BILLmanger 4.0.58. and later. Use "Manual setup" in the earlier versions.

Unlike dedicated servers, all the processes are run in the semi-automatic mode.

The following operations are performed manually:

  1.Set up a service.
  2. Delete a service. 
  3. Edit service's configuration. 

The following operations are performed automatically:

  1. Enable a service.
  2. Disable a service. 

Setting up colocation. Once the server is registered in DSmanager, it should be processed in BILLmanager providing its id from DSmanager. This id will be used to automatically enable or disable this server.

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