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DCImanager settings

Before integrating BILLmanager with DCImanager you should first go through the steps to get started with the control panel, add servers and OS templates (Consult the article Preparing your server). Complete the integration steps with DCImanager administrator privileges.

BILLmanager settings

Before creating service packages in BILLmanager, add a new server running DCImanager in the Servers module. The system will check that the server is available and the account information specified is valid. If you want to receive error messages in case of errors, select an administrator or admin in charge of those issues.

Once you connected successfully, DCImanager will send a list of available servers. A server is considered available, if:

  • it has no owner
  • it is not marked as faulty
  • its hostname is free.ds

Finally, it will send a list of available networks.

Dedicate server

Service package settings

Provide the following information to add a "Dedicate server" service package:

  1. Internal name corresponding to the server's name in IFXmanager, specified in the server configuration.
  2. Order periods
  3. Package details including the operating system, if paid OS and IP addresses are used. You can specify required package details, if any.
  4. Activate the package on the server where the service will be hosted.
  5. Activate required OS templates.

Additional information

The following is a complete list of operations the integration module performs:

Setting up the service

The processing module completes the following steps to set up a service:

  1. Checks that the user associated with the server is created in IFXmanager. Otherwise, it will be created in IFXmanager. The username is generated as follows:
    • The module receives a superuser name from the database.
    • All special characters are removed from the name and it is reduced to 16 characters in length.
  2. Once completed, it receives a list of available servers.
  3. The module completes the following steps for each server until the service is set up:
    • IFXmanager administrator is considered the server's owner
    • Assigns the domain name to the server
    • Assigns the IP address to the server, if needed (for OS installation)
    • Tries to enable the switch port, to which the server is connected
    • Tries to power on the server
    • Tries to install the operating system
    • Tries to ping to check server availability
    • Once completed successfully, the server's owner will be changed into the client's user.
    • If any of the above operations fail, or it takes a long time to complete the operation, the owner will not change, free.ds will be specified as the domain name. The "Notes" field will include the reason why the server is unavailable. The server will be disabled.
  4. Once the OS installation is complete, IFXmanager will send a list of available IP addresses (including alias IPs if needed) for the server.
  5. The server properties will be saved in BILLmanager, the client will receive the Welcome message.
Deleting the service

The module completes the following steps to delete a Dedicated server:

  1. Disables the server
  2. Deletes additional IP addresses assigned to the server
  3. Specifies free.ds as the server's domain name
  4. Resets the server's owner
Suspending the service

To disable a dedicated server in BILLmanager, the module passes to DCImanager the command to switch off network switches of that the server.

Please note: make sure you have configured the server equipment for power distribution management (PDU, IPMI) in DCImanager.

Activating the service

To enable a dedicated server in BILLmanager, the module passes to IFXmanager the command to switch on network switches of that server.

Adding IP addresses

The module uses IFXmanager standard commands to add an IP address.

Deleting IP addresses

The module uses IFXmanager standard commands to delete an IP address.

Changing user password

The module changes the password of the IFXmanager user who is considered the server's owner.

After completing the above operations the module updates the server configuration.


Service package settings

No specific steps are required for adding a Colocation service. Complete the standard steps to add the service and host it on the server running IFXmanager.

Additional information

The server will be added into the list of servers in IFXmanager. IFXmanager user details and server ID are specified in BILLmanager, enabling the billing panel to suspend the service if it is not pay by due time and reactivate it once it is renewed. Use the same username as specified in BILLmanager, otherwise the same usernames may be used when activating a Dedicated server service.

When the integration module receives the command to set up or delete a service, the service will be set up manually and a corresponding ticket will be submitted to the department in charge of such issues.

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