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This article goes you through the steps you need to perform to configure GameCP, the game server control panel, to integrate with the billing system.


GameCP settings

  1. In the "Billing" module select "ClientExec/WHMCS" in the "Billing System" form.
  2. In the "Billing System IP" field select the IP address of the billing server. If you are using several IP addresses on the BILLmanager server, enumerate them all space separated.
  3. In the "API Connector Password" file enter a password that will be used for integration of BILLmanager with GameCP. This password will be used when adding a server in BILLmanager.

BILLmanager settings

  1. Go to the Server management module to add a server. Make sure you enter the password from the "API Connector Password" field.
  2. In the Configuration tab of the server edit form enter the templates of the game servers and voice services, because this information cannot be applied automatically from the API. In the "Manage Games" module you can find out a list of templates available. The ID filed is the internal name of a service package, which defines the corresponding template. The following template IDs can be used for voice services:
1000 - TeamSpeak 2
1001 - Ventrilo
1002 - TeamSpeak 3
1003 - Mumble
1004 - Mohawk Voice

The configuration may look like this:

Preset 1
Preset 2
Preset 3
Preset 1000
Preset 1001
Preset 1002

Creating a service package

Here are four add-ons that you may use for your game server:

  • Number of IP addresses - specifies whether this IP address will be marked as "used" when registering a game server. Therefore, this IP address won't be used twice.
  • Shell access - allow users to have shell access.
  • Dedicated server - specifies that this is a dedicated server.
  • User accounts - specifies the maximum number of gamers on the server.

All the above parameters have the boolean type and should have the "Forbid client to change" option set. Besides, if you do not want your customers to enter values for these parameters when ordering the service, select the "Do not count" check box. Therefore, add-ons will be applied when activating the service, but the customer won't be able to set values for them.

Additional information

  1. If the customer already has an account and orders one more server, the service will be added to the existing account.
  2. Deleting all the customer's services will delete his account as well.
  3. The second and further services will be activated on the server, on which the customer has active services, if the maximum number of accounts that he is allowed to create is not exceeded (this parameters is specified in the server edit form), and the server is connected to the service package ordered.
  4. Changing the package will only affect the maximum number of gamers. Note, this is the only parameter that the customer may change upon order.
  • The logging level can be modified in the file /usr/local/ispmgr/etc/cpgamecp.debug.
  • Log file: /usr/local/ispmgr/var/cpgamecp.log.
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