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General information

BILLmanager integrates with IPmanager that enables to manage IP addresses through BILLmanager. BILLmanager will add, edit and delete IP addresses.

Currently the following integration modules can be used to manage IP addresses:

  • Integration with VDSmanager (to be able to view PRT record through VDSmanager, you should fill out the IPmanager integration form in VDSmanager)
  • Integration with VMmanager
  • Integration with ProxmoxVE (currently only OpenVZ is supported)

How it works

Complete the following steps to integrate BILLmanager with IPmanager:

  1. Go to the "Integration with IPmanager" module to add new connections to IPmanager
  2. Go to the Server management module and select IPmanager for each server which IP addresses you want to manage through BILLmanager
  3. Run the sbin/cpipmgr fix command to check that IP addresses kept in the BILLmanager database correspond to those in IPmanager, and to get information on PTR records.

Once completed, the integration module will send a request to IPmanager for allocating/removing IP addresses.

Mamaging IP addresses with the integrationconfigured

BILLmanager performs the following operations with IP addresses:

  1. Allocates IP addresses
  2. Removes IP addresses
  3. Edits PTR records

Allocating IP address

An IP address is allocated to a newly added service, or when additional IP addresses are ordered. BILLmanager completes the following steps:

  • requests an IP address from IPmanager
  • checks that the IP address is not assigned to any of the existing services in BILLmanager (ISPsystem licenses are ignored). If the IP address is already in use, the "dns.set.error" PTR record is specified for that service and a new IP address is allocated.
  • specifies the PTR record corresponding to the domain name (or the one that was specified for the newly ordered IP address )
  • adds the IP address into the BILLmanage database specifying it is associated with IPmanager
  • uses the IP address to set up a service or specifies it in configuration of the existing service

The service will created on the server. If the creation process fails, the same IP address will be used to add the service again.

Deleting IP address

Deleting the service or additional IPs will delete the IP address from IPmanager. BILLmanager will first check the IP address is no longer used by the service and then will unassign it in IPmanager.

Changing PTR record

Sends the command for changing the PTR record to the server running IPmanager.

Advantages of integration IPmanager with BILLmanager

Integration with IPmanager provides you with the following advantages:

  • Information on alloacted IP addresses is kept in one database.
  • User (clients) can edit PTR records for their IP addresses in the "IP addresses" module.
  • IP addresses can be managed from one centralized location for the control panels that are not integrated with IPmanager (if certain IP addresses can be specified for services).
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