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Following are the steps you must walk through to configure integration between ISPmanager and BILLmanager:

Creating a server

Go to the Integration section -> the Server management module, click the "Add" icon File:T-new.png and fill out the form. Select "ISPmanager" in the "Control panel" field (be sure to provide login and password to access that server, the maximum number of customers that can be housed on the server, etc.)

After the server is created and displayed on the list of available servers, select this server and click the "Update" icon File:T-retry.png to refresh its configuration.

Then, click the "Edit" icon File:T-edit.png to select "Manual operation" in the "Control panel" field of the server properties form.

Creating a package

Go to the Products section to create a service package. Click the "Add" icon File:T-new.png and fill out the form.

For more information on how to create a service package in the billing panel please refer to the article Creating a package.

Note: the internal name of a package must match the name of the corresponding preset created on the ISPmanager server. You can find the preset's name in the Configuration tab of the newly created server.

For example, if you have specified "Example package" when creating a preset in ISPmanager, the internal name of the service package in BILLmanager must be "Example package" as well.

Activating a service

After a user has ordered a package, its status will be "Ordered". Log in as administrator, go to the corresponding module, select this service and click the "Set up manually" icon File:T-install.png.

In the form that will appear provide login and password of that ISPmanager user.

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