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Server settings

Before setting up integration with BILLmanager you should create an API-user for IP address of the server where BILLmanger is running.

Go to "Configuration" > "API" > "Create API User".

For correct integration of BILLmanager with SolusVM you should create service packages (SolusVM).

Adding a server

1. provide a URL to the control panel, such as

2. provide access details (username/password) that you received in the "Server settings" section.

After the server is added, BILLmanager will get from SolusVM a list of images and presets.

Message template

Add the following line into the VPS welcome letter to provide your client with a SolusVM username:

User login: <xsl:value-of select='itemparam.account' disable-output-escaping='yes'/>

Password : <xsl:value-of select='itemparam.password' disable-output-escaping='yes'/>

Console User : <xsl:value-of select='itemparam.consoleuser' disable-output-escaping='yes'/>

Console Password : <xsl:value-of select='itemparam.password' disable-output-escaping='yes'/>

Root Password : <xsl:value-of select='itemparam.rootpassword' disable-output-escaping='yes'/>

The same password is used both for accessing the control panel and server.

Multiple IPv4

You can order multiple IPv4 when ordering a VPS through BILLmanager.

To do so, you should add package details for the corresponding service package.

Internal network on virtual server

To connect a newly created virtual server to the internal network, you need to create an add-on for the service package, which type will have the internalip internal name. (this feature is supported in BILLmanager and later)

API limits

- The SolusVM integration module does not support the "Go to server" function.

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