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Requirements: ISPmanager Cluster, or ISPmanager with System accounting activated.

You need to create a package to count CPU time:

1. Go to BILLmanager to add a new add-on for your item: The Services section ->the Item types module ->choose a virtual hosting-> enter Add-ons-> Create a new add-on:

  • Internal name - cputime
  • Name - Processor time

Once you are done, enable a newly created add-on by clicking the icon Image:T-on.png on the toolbar.

2. Add a new detail for the package:

  • Type - CPU time
  • Billing type - Based on statistics
  • Value type - Integer
  • Count exceeded usage - Per day
  • The price is specified - Per item
  • Internal name - Leave this field blank!!!
  • Unit of measure - Hour or second

Statistics will be collected and billed once a day.

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