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Limiting the channel rate

Following is the information on how to set the channel rate limits for VDSmanager under OpenVZ:

1. Add Option EnableTS into the VDSmanager configuration file.

2. Create a new item add-on in BILLmanager.

Go to Products-> Item types -> Choose a virtual server -> Add-ons ->Create new add-on:

  • Internal name - chrate
  • Name - Channel rate

Activate the newly created add-on by clicking the Image:p-on.png icon.

3. Create an enumeration. Go to Products -> Enumerations -> Create new enumeration:

  • Name - Channel rate

4. Add an enumeration item:

  • Name - 128Kbit/sec
  • Internal name - 128kbit
  • Name - Mbit/sec
  • Internal name - 1mbit

Please note, that the values given above are just examples, please, use your values.

5. Add a new package detail.

  • Type - Channel rate
  • Value type - Enumeration
  • Enumeration - Channel rate

Fill out the form fields according to your needs.

Then specify prices.

The names given above are just examples. Please, use your own values.

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