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BILLmanager provides a number of integration methods with your web-site.

  • 1. Place special links at your web-site to redirect a user to the billing system.

You can add different parameters to make users perform specific operations in the billing panel. For example

This URL will redirect a user to the login form, open the VPS order form, and offer to select a tariff plan with code 114.

  • 2. You can create a custom skin that will make your control panel look like your web-site (alternatively, you can paint our skin into colors you like)
  • 3. Your scripts can perform simple operations by calling billing functions.
  • 4. You can create a custom login form. Examples of the HTML code can be found at

E.g.: if you don't like our login form, you may write your scripts to create a new interface. Once the user fills out the login form, your script will send his authorization data to the billing panel, process the results (errors) and display them to the user.

Use the same procedure to create a Service order wizard. Write scripts for all the steps the user should complete (select a tariff plan, verify domain) and call required functions from the billing (ordering hosting or domain, etc.) on the last order step.

For more information on how to call BILLmanager functions using your scripts, see the following article How to work with API

Functions and parameters

To locate a function and parameters you need to to call, perform a required action and view the log ( /usr/local/ispmgr/var/billmgr.log ) to see the corresponding request. All parameters have comprehensive names. If you are using the Setup Wizard, you can call the last step, which contains all parameters and executes all actions.

Thus, you will help your user to get started with the BILLmanager easily and provide him with a more detailed interface for his account management. Our software product will facilitate accounting and automation and its user-friendly interface help both advanced users and administrators.

How to get into the control panel from a web-site

First, execute the following request to get the session number

Next, set the cookie named BIllmgr and the session number

Send the authentication function and the session number that you received on the previous step.

Cookies need to be enabled on your browser.№session#

Alternatively, you can use the authentication

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