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If a customer encounters any problems when running a software product he can do the followings:

A Knowledge base can give users easy access to troubleshooting information, articles, answers to frequently asked questions and so forth. Using the "Knowledge base" module, a user can himself find solutions to his problems or questions. For example, he can find an article describing the error he encountered and how it can be solved.

Module«Knowledge base»

Image:T-bullet.gif View a list of categories
Image:T-editlist.png View articles
Image:T-filter.png Set filter

View a list of categories

  • Category - name of the category of the knowledge base.

Set filter

You can use the list filter to search the information about category by specific parameters. To initiate searching, click the "Filter" icon and provide a name of the category, a part of the text or key words.

Once the filter is set, the list will be filtered by knowledge base. You can clear the filter that you have previously set by clicking "Remove filter" button.

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