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The List of services module can be used to view the services that the customer has purchased, including their current statuses, service packages, cost and other parameters. You can also renew a service, if necessary.

The information about the services purchased can be found in the corresponding modules of the Services section.

Module «List of services»
Image:T-bullet.gif View a list of services
Image:T-prolong.png Renew services

View a list of services

  • ID - service unique identifier.
  • Name - name of the service.
  • Package - service package.
  • Valid until - date when the services expires.
  • Cost - cost of the service.
  • Status - current service status:
    • Ordered - service has been ordered, but not activated yet (e.g. the payment has not been made out).
    • Active - service is active.
    • Suspended - service has been suspended for any reason.
    • In-progress - service is being processed, e.g. it is being activated, modifying or running. Refresh the page to see a new status of the service.

Renew services

This function can be used to renew your service manually if automatic renewal was not set. To do that, select a service, click the "Renew" icon and fill out the form:

Module «List of services»
  • Package - service package. The field is read-only.
  • Name - name of the service. The field is read-only.
  • Valid until - date when the service expires. The field is read-only.
  • Period - choose the length of the registration period.
  • Cost - depending on the period specified, the cost will be set automatically.
  • Pay by - select the desired payment method:
    • Current balance - this function is available, if you have already made payments and there is sufficient amount of money on your personal account.
    • Add to order... - if you have an order and want want to pay for all your orders at a time.
    • New order - create a new order, which you can view and pay in the Orders module.
      • Pay now - select the check box to proceed with payment.
Module «Payments»
  • Selecting a payer - select a payer who will make the payment.
Module «Payments»
  • Select the payment method - select a required payment method, enter the amount you want to pay and select a currency.

Note A payment system may charge a fee that will be applied to the total amount due.

Make sure to provide complete and accurate information into the Payers module. In case of incorrect customer information You cannot keep on paying, and the program will make You correct or add missing data in the said module.

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