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Currently you may use the following software for managing mailing list: Majordomo, Mailman or Minimalist.

Majordomo can be used if you are working with Sendmail and Postfix; and if your running Exim, MailMan should be used.


If Majordomo is installed on the system (with Sendmail or Postfix being used as MTA), but you cannot use it to manage mailing lists via the control panel, make sure that the path to the "wrapper" program is correctly specified in the configuration file:

path majordomowrapper /usr/local/majordomo/wrapper

Mailing lists' settings are located in the etc/majordomo subdirectory of the user home directory.

All basic parameters (such as a directory in which mailing list files should be stored, or default mailing list settings for a specific user) are specified in the configuration file.

Each mailing list has 5 configuration files associated with it:

  • mailing_list_name - file containing a list of subscribers.
  • - file containing a list of senders (if they are specified by the administrator).
  • - file containing brief description of a mailing list sent to everyone who sends a "info mailing_list_name" request to majordomo@site_name.
  • mailing_list_name.passwd - file containing the administrator's password to manage the mailing list by email.
  • mailing_list_name.config - mailing list's configuration file.

Note! You cannot create mailing lists having the same name on different domains.

The following records are created for each mailing list in /etc/mail/virtusertable:

mailing_list_name@mail_domain mailing_list_name.mail_domain mailing_list_name-request@mail_domain mailing_list_name-request.mail_domain mailing_list_name.list@mail_domain mailing_list_name.list.mail_domain owner-mailing_list_name@mail_domain admin_email mailing_list_name-owner@mail_domain admin_email mailing_list_name-approval@mail_domain admin_email

The following records are created in /etc/mail/aliases:

mailing_list_name.mail_domain "|/usr/local/majordomo/wrapper resend -C /user_home_directory/etc/majordomo/ -l mailing_list_name mailing_list_name.list.mail_domain" mailing_list_name.list.mail_domain: :include:/user_home_directory/etc/majordomo/mailing_list_name mailing_list_name-request.mail_domain: "|/usr/local/majordomo/wrapper majordomo -C /user_home_directory/etc/majordomo/ -l mailing_list_name"

A permission to send messages to the mailing list is specified by the restrict_post parameter in the mailing_list_name.config configuration file. If this parameter is not specified, everyone (even those who are not subscribed to the mailing list) will be able to send messages to that list. The name of the file with a list of subscribers is specified as default:


If senders are specified, the parameter is as follows:


All operations with the MailMan mailing lists are performed through a set of command shell scripts. More information can be found here.


This part of Documentation is under construction.

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