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This feature enables you to set up maintenance parameters in BILLmanager.

Module «Maintenance settings»

1. Select "Tools-> Maintenance settings";

2. Select the "The billing panel is undergoing maintenance" check box;

3. In the "Policy" drop-down menu select how the Cron will run when the billing panel is undergoing maintenance;

4. If you selected "Disable the selected cron jobs" ", provide information into the "Cron jobs" field, otherwise all routine operations will be disabled;

4.1 The "Cron jobs" filed lists all standard BILLmanager tasks. Press "Ctrl" and select those you need;

5. Provide time in minutes when all users will be disabled;

5.1 Only administrators will be able to access BILLmanager from IP addresses specified in clause .6;

6. You can select IP addresses (space separated) that will be allowed to access the panel while the billing is undergoing maintenance;

7. Click OK to apply the changes;

8. Clear the the "The billing panel is undergoing maintenance" check box to disable the function

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