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Due to insufficient amount of resources on virtual hosting, some problems may occur while using the billing panel. To avoid this, the billing system can automatically define memory limits.

Maximum amount of memory that can be consumed in BILLmanager is 25 % of the total amount (vmemoryuse - Maximum permitted total VM usage per process is used)

If this limit is exceeded when processing the query (and the query list is empty), BILLmanager will stop and start when called.

Minimum memory limit is 32 MB, i.e., if the limit, manually or automatically specified, is below this value, it will remain 32 MB. This amount is enough for a full-featured BILLmanager-Corporate with low rate of data caching.

There are several parameters that can be used to manually set up memory consumption:


maximum amount of memory that BILLmanager can consume, e.g. 64 m (modifier can be used: g - gigabyte, m - megabyte, k - kilobyte; if the modifier is not used, values are set in bytes).


number of records stored in cache for each data table, by default, it is 255. If ta large amount of memory is allocated to you server, you may increase the value in order to reduce the number of database requests. If not, and the billing continues consuming more memory, you'd better reduce this parameter, the minimum value is 2.

To log the memory consumption, add into the configuration file:

Option MemDebug

The debugging level must be not less than 7. The following line will be logged after each request:

memory usage after process request: vm=25522176 (+0) rss=15187968 (+12288)

Please note! You need to restart BILLmanager to apply these parameters.

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