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The control panel interface is described with so called XML descriptions. Initially, the distribution has several files that describe the interface form and text messages in several languages. User can add custom files with descriptions that will be used along with existing ones according to the following rules:

  • select root elements in both files (it should be named as mgrdata) and recursively look through their child elements;
  • if the key fields in child elements coincide, the source element is changed into description from a user file including all inserted elements;
  • if a source document does not contain the element with the key specified by user, it will be added to the end of the source description. Currently the priority, place, where to locate a user element cannot be specified.

Key values for different elements:

Tag Key attribute
mainmenu level
node name
lang name
messages name
msg name
handler name
metadata name
jscript not present
toolbtn name
toolsep not present
col name
page name
field name
input name
select name
if value
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