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Message template is a pre-defined text that you can use to automatically notify your customers and support members through e-mail, sms and Jabber.

For example, you can create a service renewal notification template that will notify a customer that his service will expire soon. Or you can create a template with step-by-step instructions on how to restore a password, in case a customer forgets it and cannot access the billing panel.

If several languages are used in your billing interface, add message templates in different language.

Read the article Parameters of the message templates for more details.

Please note: to be able to use Jabber notifications, go to the Features module, select "Jabber notifications" and click the "On" icon Image:p-on.png.

The Notification types module is used to manage message template: you can add a new template or edit an existing one.

Модуль «Message templates»

Image:T-bullet.gif List of notification types
Image:T-editlist.png View message templates

List of notification types

  • Type - type of the notification message template.
    • E-mail - notifications are emailed to users and support members.
    • SMS - sms notifications are sent to users and support members.
    • Jabber - Jabber notifications are sent to users and support members.

View message templates

To view a complete list of notifications, select the type of notification you want to view or modify and click the "Template" icon.

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