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In this module you can view and manage a list of messages in the ticket.

Module «Active tickets»
Image:T-back.png Back to the list of tickets
Image:T-bullet.gif View messages' list
Image:T-edit.png View message
Image:T-delete.png Delete message

View messages' list

  • ID - message unique identifier.
  • Message body - text of the ticket's message.
  • Post date - date when last the message was written.
  • Account - user account who wrote the message.

View message

You can use this function to read the whole message. To do that, select the required message from the list and click the "View" icon. A form with the massage body will display.

Delete message

To delete a message from the ticket, select it from the list and click the "Delete" icon. To avoid an accidental deletion the system prompts You for confirmation. Clicking "OK" deletes the selected message.

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