Migrating virtual server to XEN and KVM

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Before you start migrating make sure the following requirements are met:

The target server

  • has enough free space for the /tmp directory,
  • has enough RAM to start a VPS,
  • Integration with ISPsystem software products should be set in the same way as on the source server,
  • networks for IP-addresses that will be migrated to a new server should be specified in the configuration of the target server.

The source server

  • set up a pair of SSH-keys to access the target server:

VDSmanager searches for the SSH-keys to access the server in the following order:

    • /usr/local/ispmgr/etc/keys/<host>
    • /usr/local/ispmgr/etc/keys/default

On the source server create a pair of keys named default (you can also use the hostname to which a VPS is to be migrated)

ssh-keygen -b 2048 -f /usr/local/ispmgr/etc/keys/default

Use the empty password.

Specify the password on the target server:

cat /usr/local/ispmgr/etc/keys/default.pub | ssh <ip-to-destination-server> "cat >> /root/.ssh/authorized_keys"

When you are done, you can start migrating the VPS (click the button "Migrate VPS to remote server").

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