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Following are the actions you need to perform for monitoring your system performance.



Watchdog is a tool specially designed for monitoring system service performance. Normally, the program is located in /usr/local/ispmgr/sbin/watchdog. You need to set Cron for starting Watchdog at regular intervals.

Checking httpd

Connect to port 80 (8080) of the main IP-address. Watchdog passes GET/ and waits for the response that contains HTTP/1.1.

Checking DNS

Connect port 53 of the main IP-address and request for the last domain that was added into the control panel. If domains are not found, make a request for localhost. The response from you server ensures that it is valid.

Checking Mysql, PostgreSQL

Connect to a database by entering a username and password provided in the Database servers (ISPmanager). If a success, disconnect from the server. Server connection ensures it is valid.

Checking SMTP

Connect to port 25 of the main IP-address. You should get a response that begins with "220". Once you have received it, send "QUIT" and wait for the "221" response.

Checking POP3

Connect to port 110 пof the main IP-addres. You should get "+OK", then send "QUIT" and wait for "+OK".

Checking IMAP

Connect to port 143 of the main IP-address. You should get "* OK", then send "A001 LOGOUT" and wait for "* BYE".

Connecting FTP

Connect to the main IP-address on port 21. You should get a response that begins with "220". Once you have received it, pass "QUIT" and wait for the "221" code.

Unknown service

Checks whether the specified process name is present on the list of processes.

Service failed

Watchdog runs the command to stop the server. All the processes that were saved, will be killed. Then it restarts the server. If validation fails, the administrator will get a corresponding notification. The server will be considered invalid.

Program logs

Watchdog records the system events to syslogd. Normally, syslogd stores them in /var/log/debug.log, however this location may differ depending on the system.

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