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In this module you may subscribe to email, Jabber or SMS notifications that will be sent automatically from the billing system.

For example, you can receive notifications about domain renewal, insufficient funds on your personal account, new post in a trouble ticket and much more.

You may specify your contact information, such as email address, cell phone number and Jabbber identifier in the Contact information module.

Module «Notification subscription»
Image:T-bullet.gif List of notification types
Image:T-editlist.png View notifications

List of notification types

  • Type - type of the notification that will be sent to users:
    • E-mail - notifications will be emailed to your.
    • SMS - notifications will be sent your phone number.
    • Jabber - notifications will be sent to your Jabber.

View notifications

To view and manage a list of notifications, select the corresponding type and click the "Notifications" icon.

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