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Payment gateway

Configuration->Technical information->Global transaction parameters

  • Default operation code = Authorisation
  • Default data capture (payment) procedure = Automatic data capture by our system after 8 days
  • Processing for individual transactions = Always on-line (Immediate)
  • Default ECI value = 7 - E-commerce with SSL encryption

Configuration->Technical information->Data and origin verification

  • IP address of the server calling the APIs used for any automatic or direct processing. Your ip list,separated by ";".

Configuration->Technical information->Transaction feedback

  • Timing of the request = No request.

Configuration->Technical information->Transaction e-mails

  • E-mail address(es) for transaction-related e-mails: your e-mail or several e-mail addresses, separate by ";".
  • Receive transaction confirmation e-mails = Yes
  • Receive e-mails in case of off-line transaction status changes = Yes,for each off-line status change.
  • E-mails to the customer = I want Ogone to send a transaction confirmation e-mail to the customer.

Billing side

  • Name
  • Period to delete overdue invoices
  • Minimum payment amount
  • User ID (you receive it form the payment gateway)
  • Password to access the system
  • Authorized payment (if this check box is selected, credit card funds will be blocked rather than debited).
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