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To order a new license, click the "Add" icon and fill out the forms:

Selecting package

Module «Software licenses»
  • Package - select a package. More information about packages can be found on the web-site of your hosting provider.
  • Payment period - select a service order period. It is followed by its cost, which represents base cost of the package. If you order more resources or services, the package cost for the period will change.
  • Promo code - enter a promo code to get a discount. For more information, please read the Promotion codes module.

License properties

Module «Software licenses»
  • License name - enter a name for the license.
  • IP-address - enter a license IP-address.
  • Administrator password - enter an administrator password to gain access to the server.

Service agreement

Module «Software licenses»
  • I have read and agreed to the Service agreement - select the check bot to proceed with the order.

Order confirmation

Module «Software licenses»
  • Automatic renewal - select a period to renew the license.
  • Pay by - select the payment method:
    • Current account - this function is available if You have already made payments, and there is enough money on your personal account.
    • Add to the order... - if you have an order (if You order several services and want to pay them all in one), you can add payment to the said order.
    • Crate new account - create new account, which can be viewed and paid in the Orders module.

Check the "Pay now" box to proceed with bill payment.

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