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Follow the procedure described below to order a new certificate. Click the "Order" icon and fill out the forms:


Selecting an SSL certificate

Module «SSL certificates»
  • Package - select a service package.
  • Period - select the length of the certificate validity period. Depending on the selected period, the total price will vary. Please note, that discounts are not specified there. The total amount due will be shown on the last order form.
  • Promotion code - enter a promotion code, if any. For more information please refer to the Promotion codes module.

Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

In this form you are required to choose how you would like to generate a new CSR or enter an existing one.

CSR is an encrypted body of text that contains encoded information specific to your company, domain name and additional information.

Enter an existing CSR

You can generate a CSR either through ISPmanager in the "Tools" section -> the "SSL certificates" module. Create a new SSL certificate, select it on the list, click the Files icon, copy and paste the contents of the CSR into the "Enter an existing CSR" form.

Module «SSL certificates»

Generate a CSR and private key

You can generate a CSR and private key on the server that the certificate will be used on via BILLmanager. Read carefully information in the form before entering required data!

Module «SSL certificates»
  • Country code (2 characters) - enter the two-letter ISO code for the country where your organization is registered.
  • State/province - enter the state or province where the organization is registered.
  • City - enter the city or locality where the organization is registered.
  • Company- enter the legal name of your organization.
  • Company unit - enter the division of your company handling the certificate., such as Support or IT department.
  • Domain name - enter the fully qualified domain that you want the certificate for.
  • E-mail - enter the e-mail address used to contact your organization.

Private key

Here you can see the Private key. Please, save it in a safe place as you will need it in the future. If you lose the Private key, you will have to reissue it.

Module «SSL certificates»
  • Save the private key in the system - this check box is selected by default. Clear it if you do not want to save the key in the system. In this case be sure to save the secret key in a safe place.

Contact information

You are required to enter administrative and technical contact information of your organization:

Module «SSL certificates»

The Administrative contact tab

  • First name - enter the first name of the administrative contact.
  • Last name - enter the last name of the administrative contact.
  • Job title - enter a job title of of the administrative contact, such as technical specialist or system administrator.
  • Email - enter an e-mail address of the administrative contact.
  • Phone number - enter a telephone number to contact the administrative contact. The format: [country code][city code][number]. Example: 74950000000, where 7 is country code, 495 is a city code, 0000000 is a phone number.

The Technical support tab

You may either select the "Use the Administrative contact" check box to apply the administrator's contact data or fill out the form providing the required information.

Module «SSL certificates»

Organization name

Fill out the form providing information about the organization associated with the SSL certificate.

Module «SSL certificates»
  • Name - enter the legal name of your organization.
  • Country - enter the country where your organization is registered.
  • Province/state - enter the state or province where the organization is registered.
  • City - enter the city or locality where the organization is registered.
  • ZIP code - enter the ZIP the city entered above.
  • Address - enter postal address of the organization.
  • Phone number - enter the phone number to contact your organization.

Order confirmation

Module «SSL certificates»
  • Confirmation email - make sure you entered a valid email address that all confirmation messages from the Certification Authority will be sent to.

Order confirmation

This form displays information about the certificate you are going to purchase, its setup fee, order period and cost.

Module «SSL certificates»
  • Total - total amount due.
  • Pay by - select the desired payment method:
    • Current account - this option is available, if You have already made payments, and there are sufficient funds on your personal account.
    • Add to the order... - if You have an order (e.g. You order several services and want to pay them all in one), You can add payment to the required order.
    • Add new account - create new account, which can be viewed and paid in the Orders module.
      • Pay now - check the box to proceed with the payment.
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