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To order a service, click the "New" icon. The program wizard will start providing step-by-step instructions on how to order a new service.


Selecting a datacenter

Module «Virtual servers»
  • Datacenter - select a datacenter where your service will be housed.

Selecting a package

Module «Virtual servers»
  • Package group - select a service package group.
  • Package - select a service package. More information about packages can be found on the web-site of your hosting provider.
  • Payment period - select a payment period (the service cost will vary depending on the period you choose). If you order more resources or services, the package cost will change.
  • Promo code - provide a promo code to get a discount. For more information about active promo codes please contact your service provider.

Server domain name

Module «Virtual servers»

Enter the existing domain name or the one you are going to register. Leave the field blank to create a service with a free third-level domain name.

Note: if you are going to use "Private name servers" service, provide a second-level domain name.


Module «Virtual servers»

This step allows you to order additional resources for your service.

After your service has been activated, you will be able to enable or disable an add-on yourself.

The list of additional functions allotted per package may vary, that is why we do not provide them here. For more information please refer to your hosting-provider's web-site.

Service agreement

Agree to the Service agreement, if any. Otherwise, you won't be able to proceed with the order.

  • I have read and agreed to the Service agreement - select the check box if you accept the terms of the Service agreement.

Order confirmation

The service you want to order, its parameters and price will be displayed. Using this form you can pay for your service.

Module «Virtual servers»
  • Pay by - select the payment method:
    • Current account - this function is available if you have already made payments, and there is enough money on your personal account.
    • Add to the order... - if you have an order (if you order several services and want to pay them all in one), you can add payment to the existing order.
    • Add new order - create a new order which you can pay in the Orders module.

Check the "Pay now" box to proceed with the payment.

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