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Orders are the documents that include information about various products and services ordered by a customer. The information goes into the Orders module only if the customer purchases a product or service in the "Services" section and adds a new order.

The module allows you to view the list of all the products and services that a customer has ordered and their current statuses. You can also edit the order's parameters and delete any of them, if necessary.

Module «Orders»

Image: Bullet.gif View a list of orders
Image:T-setpaid.png Make payment
Image:T-payorder.png Effect payment using the current account
Image:T-edit.png Edit order
Image:T-delete.png Delete order
Image:T-editlist.png View order details
Image:T-filter.png Filter the list

View a list of orders

  • ID - order unique identifier.
  • Description - brief information about the order.
  • Date - date when the order was made.
  • Total - total amount due.
  • Status - current order status:
    • Open - the order has not been paid, so it can be removed, modified and new products or services can be added to it.
    • In-progress (blocked) - the order is complete and is currently being paid. You can no longer change it.
    • Processed - the payment has been received, the services have been processed. You can no longer delete the order.

Make payment

To effect a payment, select the order from the list and click the "Pay" icon, the following forms will be displayed:

«Account information»
  • Select the payer - select an individual or a company who will effect the payment. If necessary, you can add a new payer in the corresponding module.
«Account information»
  • Payment method - select a payment method and currency (the default currency is set by the provider).

Be very accurate when entering information into the Payers module. If you enter incorrect data, You cannot proceed with order, and the program will make you correct or add missing data in the said module.

Effect payment using the current account

The function is used to process the order using your current account. To do so, select the required order and click the "Process" icon. Confirm that you want to make payment by current account by clicking OK in the following form.

Edit order

If you do not like a default order name, you may change it according to your needs. To edit an order, locate the one you wish to edit, click the "Edit" icon and modify the settings you want to change.

  • Description - enter any name you like. You may change an order name regardless of its status.

Delete order

To delete an order, select it from the list and click the "Delete" icon. Confirm that you wish to delete the order by clicking OK on the following form.

Filter the list

You can use the list filter to search the information about order by specific parameters. To initiate searching, click the "Filter" icon and fill out the form. You do not need to fill out all the fields. The search can be carried out by the order ID, description, period, total and status.

Once the filter is set, the list will be filtered by order. You can clear the filter that you have previously set by clicking the "Remove filter" button.

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