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PBKP_CONTENT is an xml-file that describes backup files and their settings. Each object is described with a binary tag "<item></item>". The tag contains a set of tags that describe parameters of this object necessary for its recovery. Their format matches the input format of the corresponding ISPmanager function (see details below). An item name is kept in the "<elid></elid>" tag. If the file is kept along with the item (e.g. a dump or an e-mail file), its name is specified in the "<filename></filename>" tag. Items of the same type (e.g. databases or mailboxes) are groped into the tag named according to an item type.

The following is a full list of the item types:

  • mysql - MySQL database
  • postgresql - PostgreSQL database
  • email - mailboxes
  • ftp - FTP accounts
  • zones - domain names
  • wwwdomain - WWW-domains
  • wwwredirect - WWW-redirects
  • emaildomain - e-mail domains
  • emailgroup - e-mail groups
  • emailredirect - e-mail redirects
  • cron - cron jobs
  • user - users

Example of the PBKP_CONTENT file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
     ... other tags ...
     ... other tags ...
     ... другие тэги ...

To extract the item's parameters, pbackup sends the following requests to ISPmanager:


Following is the correspondence between item types and ISPmanager functions:

  • mysql - db
  • postgresql - db
  • email - email
  • ftp - ftp
  • zones - domain
  • wwwdomain - WWW domain
  • wwwredirect - WWW redirect
  • emaildomain - e-mail domain
  • emailgroup - e-mail group
  • emailredirect - e-mail redirect
  • cron - cron
  • user - user
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