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PayDollar (AsiaPay Ltd.)

PayDollar side

  • Check the risk control settings. Go to your member area -> Risk control to check the following parameters:
    1. High Risk Country Rejection
    2. Payment Limit Setting
    3. Other Security Controls
  • When in the "Profile" section:
    1. go to "Payment Information" to check that the "Secure Hash" option is active for your account.
    2. go to "Payment Options" to check that "Return Value Link (Datafeed)" is specified. Example for BILLmanager: https(http)://[URL to your billing panel]/mancgi/pdresult. When accessing through HTTPS make sure the certificate installed on the billing server is signed by a Certificate Authority.

BILLmanager side

When adding this payment method you should select the currency that is activated for your account on the PayDollar server.

  • Merchant ID - the ID you received when registering a PayDollar merchant account.
  • Secret word - the "Secure Hash" parameter from the "Payment Information" section.
  • Test mode - select the check box if you have the PayDollar test account and want to test this payment method before starting to use it.

Technical notes

If the "Secure Hash" option is not activated for your merchant profile, customers will be able to make payment by this payment methods, but their payments will be set to the pending status, and you will have to manually check their current statuses.

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