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To enable customers to make payments by PayPal BILLmanager uses "Website Payments Standard" and verifies payments through IPN messages.

PayPal settings

Create a PayPal merchant account to accept payments.

Go to "Profile"->"More Options"->"Payment Receiving Preferences" and "Website Payment Preferences" to configure payment parameters.

For example, to allow payments from customers who do not have the PayPal account, go to the "Website Payment Preferences" page to activate the "PayPal Account Optional" parameter (it must be "on").

BILLmanager side

  • API URL - or for test mode (you need first to create an account at
  • Logo (URL) - URL to the logo that will be displayed on the payment page. The maximum allowed dimension is 150*50.
  • Invoice email - email address that you provided when registering at PayPal.

Technical notes

The PayPal module logs data into the following files:

  • pmpaypal.log - payment module log file,
  • pppayment.log - payment log file,
  • ppresult.log - payment verification log file when an IPN message is received.

Once the payment is made PayPal sends transaction results to BILLmanager. All the massages PayPal sends to BILLmanager can be found in the "IPN history" section (the name may vary depending on your interface language). With logging level set to 9, BILLmanager logs the information from PayPal into the log file. Errors may occur if the messages sent by PayPal (in the IPN history) differ from those of the log file.

The most common issue relates to encoding of input/output data. To avoid this, change the IPN message encoding into UTF-8 in the merchant profile properties.

Go to "Profile"->"More Options"->"Language Encoding"-> to click the "More Options" button.

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