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Payers are accounts that belong to a particular user of the billing panel and pays for the products and services he has ordered (payer's details are used in the provider's invoices). Payers can be represented by companies (legal entities), individuals or sole proprietors. The user can create several payers according to his needs.

A payer profile contains contact information the provider may need, such as his postal address, phone number, e-mail address, and other necessary details about a company or an individual.

The Payer profile management module allows you to create new payers (both individuals and companies), view and edit their properties. Please note, that the contact information provided in this module will be used when preparing finance and accounting documents, such as contracts and invoices.

Module «Payer profile management»
Image: Bullet.gif View a list of payers
Image:T-new.png Add new payer
Image:T-edit.png Edit payer
Image:T-delete.png Delete payer
Image:T-invoice.png Reconciliation report

View a list of payers

  • ID - payer unique identifier.
  • Name - name of the individual, sole proprietor or company.

Edit payer

To edit a payer, locate the payer you wish to edit, click the "Edit" icon and modify the settings you want to change.

Delete payer

To delete a payer, select him from the list and click the "Delete" icon. Confirm that you wish to delete the payer by clicking OK on the following form.

Reconciliation report

A reconciliation report shows the beginning and closing balance of an account and lists deposits and withdraws for a specified period of time. It helps individuals and businesses manage their money by comparing their bank account records to their own general ledger accounts. Provider and his customer can reconcile their accounts on a monthly basis to keep track of their deposits and withdrawals.

You can view and request a reconciliation report. To do that, select a required user, click the "Reconciliation" icon and fill out the following form:

Module «Payer profile management»
  • Company - choose a company for which you want to generate a reconciliation report.
  • Currency - choose a currency to generate a report.
  • Start date - provide a start date.
  • End date - provide an end date.
  • Save as PDF - select the check box to save the reconciliation report as PDF.

After you have finished, a new browser window will open displaying the reconciliation report.

Note It is a sample of the document! To get an original copy of the report, contact the Support center.

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