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Server policy (or Global settings) is the settings that have effect on the entire system. In VDSmanager the module for customizing global settings is called "Policy". Сlick "Policy" on the control panel and fill out the form:


Module «Policy»
  • Stop servers that exceed traffic limit - check the box to disable virtual private server that has exceeded their traffic limit. The maximum amount of the monthly traffic can be set up in the virtual private server properties.
  • Check IP-address with ping - check the box to check IP-addresses with ping.
  • Swap limit - check the box to provide the maximum amount of the swap file size for each virtual server. Once you have checked the box in the VPS management and users module you will see a field where you will be able to enter a desired swap limit.
  • SwapRatio - provide the ratio of the of swap file size to the RAM size. The recommended value is 2 (i.e. you have twice as much swap space as RAM). This field is only displayed when selecting the "Swap limit" check box.

Enable shaping

  • Enable ETS - select the check box to set traffic limits for a specific VPS.
  • PresetChangesResource - select the check box to apply all the changes made to a VPS template to the virtual private servers that were created according to that template.
  • ForceOrderLicense - select the check box to enable automatic order of the ISPmanager control panel for VPSs, which template does not include ISPmanager.
  • VdsInterface - provide the name for the interface that is used to create virtual servers.
  • DevfsRuleset - see Fine-tuning VDSmanager settings.
  • DevfsVnetRuleset - see Fine-tuning VDSmanager settings.
  • TrustIP - provide an IP address to allow connections to VDSmanager without authentication. The second parameter is the username whose privileges will be used to connect. Otherwise, root privileges will be used.
  • AltTplMirror - select the check box to be able to use a different source for VPS templates.

Path settings

Module «Policy»
  • PrivateDiskDir - provide a path to the VPS file directory.
  • MountDir- provide a full path to the directory where VPS disks are mounted upon their start.

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