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  • If the system has files, which names do not contain ASCII symbols, the backup system will not convert such names into UTF-8 (the "Illigal byte sequence" will occur). You will need to provide a file system encoding by specifying the FSEncoding parameter in the ISPmanager configuration file, or by creating the .encoding file in a user's home directory and specifying the encoding name in the second line of this file.

ZIP problems

  • Since zip stores uid and gid as numerical values within the archive, the recovered files may belong to another or wrong user. This may happen if the user's uid/gid was changed after the backup had been created. Normally this is not a problem, all privileges are recovered correctly (pbackup does not interact this process). The problem may arise if the backup copy was created after the user had been removed, and this user account is currently being recovered. A new user with a different uid will be created. To resolve this problem, pbackup edits an owner of all recovered files. Please note, some errors may occur, if the backup contains files which owner differs from one one being recovered.

  • Due to the nature of the zip-archiver we failed to delete all temporary files in a user's home directories. When using zip, pbackup continues using them as temporary ones for storing only one temporary file which size is less than several bytes.

  • Since Zip does not provide the on-the-fly unpacking, you need to copy a backup copy from a remote storage to a temporary folder in order to download a required file from the zip-archive.

  • The zip-archiver cannot pack the soft-link via pipe (a broken archive is created). That is why pbackup excludes all soft-links from backups, and specifies information for recovering each link into the PBKP_XML_LISTING file. Thus, archives do not have physical links. They are created by means of pbackup when the main unpacking process is completed.

We would strongly recommend that you use the tar archive or its derivatives, such as tgz, tbz.

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