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The Services module can be used to view information about the products and services a customer has ordered and monitor their statuses. Select the required customer from the list and click the "Services" icon. The module is read-only.

Module «Services»
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Image:T-bullet.gif View a list of services

View a list of services

  • ID - product or service unique identifier.
  • Name - detailed description of the product or service (some services may include order period or other details).
  • Status - service current status:
    • Ordered - service has been ordered, but it is not active yet (e.g. because it has not been paid for).
    • Active - service is active.
    • Suspended - service has been stopped, e.g. it has not been paid for by due time.
    • In progress - service is being processed. Refresh the page to learn a new status of the service.
    • Closed - service has been stopped, and the customer cannot use it anymore.
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