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A promotion code (or promocode, promo code) is a unique series of numbers and letters that is given to the clients or partners to obtain a discount on their purchase, such as a percentage off purchase, or other discount. Normally promotion codes are used in order to promote and boost sales of their products, and even reward loyal customers.

The customers who order a specific product can get a discount by entering a promotion code provided to them. Learn more about BILLmanager discounts in the System of discounts sections.

You can set the period during which your promo code can be used, create a code that can be used unlimited number of times or only once (for example, additional promo codes can be used only once). After a client enters his promo code into the new service registration form, the number of used promo codes on list will change into 1.

If you wish to use Promotion codes in BILLmanager, go to the Features module, locate the "Promotion code" line and click "Enable" Image:p-on.png to activate it.

In this module you can create such promotion codes and set up discounts for various products, view the list of ordered services and products for which such promotion code were activated, create individual codes that can be used only once.

Module«Promotion codes»

Image:T-bullet.gif View a list of promotion codes
Image:T-new.png Create promotion code
Image:T-edit.png Edit promotion code
Image:T-delete.png Delete promotion code
Image:T-editlist.png Individual promotion codes
Image:T-discount.png Discounts for promotion codes
Image:T-editlist.png Services with activated promotion codes

View a list of promotion codes

  • ID - promotion code unique identifier.
  • Promotion code - value of the promotion code.
  • Usage - the number of used promotion codes/available number.
  • Period - the promotion code can be used within the specified period.

Create promotion code

To add a new promotion code, click the "Create" icon and fill out the following forms:

Module«Promotion codes»
  • Promotion code - provide a desired promotion code or enter the "?" symbols that will be changed into random symbols.
  • Limit - provide how many of these codes are available for use.
  • Valid after - enter the date when the promotion code will become active.
  • Valid until - enter the end date when the promotion code will become inactive. If a customer tries to use his promotion code after this date, it will be shown as invalid.
  • Notes - field for additional information.

Then you should specify a discount for the newly created promotion codes:

Module « Account group discounts»

  • Project - select a project, which services the promotion code is valid for. You may select multiple packages by holding the Ctrl key while clicking. (only in BILLmanager Corporate).
  • Service - select a service for providing a discount.
  • Item - select an item to provide a discount.
  • Order period - select an order period.
  • Special price - enter the discount amount.
  • Discount - enter how much percent off the total order amount the discount will be.
  • From date - enter a start date of the discount.
  • To date - enter a discount expiration date.
  • Priority - choose a priority for the discount. In case of two equal discounts, the one with higher priority will be applied.
  • Discount condition - select a discount condition:
    • Number of services - discount will be given, if a customer orders a required number of services. For example, if the customer orders 2 items you can grant him with a 5% discount, if he orders 5 items, you will give him a 10% discount and so on.
      • Service - select the discountable item.
      • Comparison - select a required expression (for example, a discount will be given if the customer purchases the number of services equal or greater than a specified value).
      • Amount - enter the number of services.
    • Registration date - discount will be given, if a customer registers within a certain period. For example, you can give a 5% discount to customers who have been using your services for 2 years, and a 7% discount to those you have been using the services for 5 years. Or you can give special discounts for new customers.
      • Comparison - select a required expression (for example, a discount will be given, if the customer registers starting from a specified date).
      • Period - enter the number of days that will be considered when providing a discount to your customers.
  • Note - field for additional information. For example, you can specify a promotion code that gives a discount to customers. More information can be found in the Promotion codes module.

Edit promotion code

To edit a promotion code, locate the promotion code you wish to edit, click the "Edit" icon and modify the settings you want to change.

Delete promotion code

To delete the promotion code, select it from the list and click the "Delete" icon. Confirm that you wish to delete the promotion code by clicking OK on the following form.

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