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With this function You may add a new company that will be associated with provider's project. You may select a payment method that will be used by your clients when paying for the services, select a corresponding currency, set credit limit and customize other necessary parameters.

See also BILLmanager initial setup.

To do that, click the "Provider settings" link on the toolbar and fill out the form:

Module«Provider settings»

  • Project name - enter the name for your project.
  • Web-site - enter a project web-site.
  • Billing domain name - enter a domain name that will be used for creation of the third-level domains and provider name servers. If not specified, will be used.
  • Free domain name - enter a free domain name of the third level for services that require a domain name. See also Forming a domain name for services.
  • Name servers - list the name servers assigned to the customer domain names.
  • Login template - enter the information that will be used to form a username. For more information, please read Forming a username for services.
  • Transaction currency - select a currency that will be used for payment transactions in a particular project.
  • Credit limit - enter the maximum amount that a new customer will be allowed to use to order services on credit. When creating the new customer in the Customer management section, the credit limit is copied to his account from Provider settings.
  • E-mail box for notifications - enter an e-mail box for notifications from the Support center.
  • Do not use fraud protection - check the box if you do not want to use protection from fraudulent actions for this project. More information about this feature can be found in the Fraud protection module.
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