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1. Execute on the freshly installed system (you must have a license bound to this server):

 wget "http://download.ispsystem.com/install.4.sh"
 sh install.4.sh 

2. Select DSmanager: 4
3. In Checking license select: 1
4. Next, select a release version of the product (beta/stable)
5. Installation process will start. Leave the default parameters.
6. NOTE: During the installation process you will be prompted to provide the admin password. If you leave this field blank, you won't be able to access the control panel.
7. After the installation is complete, you will see a URL to the control panel and authentication data.

Note Installation time may vary depending on the system, it make take 30 minutes to install the system on Linux-based systems, whereas as long as 3 hours may be required to install on FreeBSD (depending on the system hardware).

II. Configuration:

  • The below settings are used only as an example and must be changed into your system-specific parameters.

1. Go to the Local networks module to create a new network:

   Group: local
   IP address: provide an address of the subnet (
   Network mask: (
   Gateway: задаём gateway для подсети (
   NFS server:specify the IP address that DSmanager is running on ( 

2. Go to the Server management module and click the Add icon;

The Server tab:

   ID: specified automatically, but you can provide it manually as well. 
   MAC: provide a MAC address of the network card of the dedicated server. 

The system tab:

   IP address: (
   Host name: provide the domain name of the dedicated server

Leave the remaining parameters with their default values.

3. Server management -> Reinstall

   Operating system: select a pre-installed template.
   Password/Confirmation: root 

4.Restart the server manually to make it boot via pxe

If you did everything correctly, the operating system will be reinstalled.

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