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This function can be used to recalculate expenses for the items or services that a customer purchased. For example, you may use recalculation to find errors, if the customer was incorrectly charged for ordered services, or a discount was not counted. Locate "Recalculation" in the "Tools" module. The program wizard will start providing step-by-step instructions on how to recalculate expenses for products. Follow on the screen wizard to set required parameters.

Recalculation can be made for the following billing types: monthly, annually, order period and calendar.

Products services recalculation

Module «Recalculation»
  • Item ID - enter the ID of an item, which expenses you want to recalculate. You can locate the IDs in the Services section or the Customers sections -> Customer management -> locate a customer you need and click Products and services (Corporate).
  • Recalculation from - select the date for recalculation: it can be "from the creation date", "from the setup date" or any specific date that can be selected in the "Recalculate from the date" field.
  • Recalculate from the date - choose a date to start recalculation.
  • Ignore service history - select the check box to ignore the service history, such as change of a package or purchase of additional resources.


Module «Recalculation»

The form lists all items and services you want to be recalculated, the number of expense items to be removed and total amount that will be recalculated.

  • On credit - select the check box to debit a client on credit if he has insufficient funds on his personal account. It can be used if the price is larger than the client normally pays for his service

Recalculation result

Module «Recalculation»

This form displays information about the services or items that were processed (recalculated), the number of new expenses that were created and total amount that will be charged from the customer's personal account.

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