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To register a new domain name, click the "New" icon and follow the Wizard that provides step-by-step instruction on how to register a domain. Please, be accurate when filling out the forms of the module. Read the messages in the forms to enter the correct information. In case of incorrect data the registration may be rejected, and You will have to repeat the procedure again.


Selecting the operation

Module «Domain names»

First, select the operation: You may either register a new domain name or transfer an existing one from another registrar (to do that, you should specify the domain name's authorization code, which can be obtained from your current registrar). Minors are not allowed to register domain names in .ru и .su domain zones.

Selecting a domain name

Module «Domain names»
  • Domain - enter the domain name. The domain name must contain from 2 to 63 characters beginning and ending with a Latin alphabet letter or a figure, intermediate symbols can be presented by both letters and figures, as well as dash; the domain name must not have dashes in the 3d and 4th positions at the same time.
  • Package - select a service package.
  • Check in other domain zones - select the check box to check the selected domain names in other domain zones.
Module «Domain names»

If you selected the "Check in other domain zones " check box, this form will display whether the domain name provided is busy or available. You can register several domains at a time.

Contact information

In the following forms you should provide all the contact information, such as contact name, company name, its address, administrative, technical and billing contact names.

Module «Domain names»
Module «Domain names»
Module «Domain names»
Module «Domain names»
Module «Domain names»
Module «Domain names»
Module «Domain names»

Name servers

A minimum of two valid name servers are required.

Module «Domain names»
  • User provider's NS - select the check box to be able to locate your domain names on the provider's name servers. In this case its name servers will be automatically specified in the field below.

Note: the above field is only displayed if your administrator has specified provider's name servers that can be used for user domain names in the project edit form (BILLmanager Corporate) or in the provider settings form.

Otherwise you should provide your private name servers.

Order confirmation

The last form shows the information about your domain order period and the total amount due.

Module «Domain names»
  • Pay by - select an available payment method:
    • Current account - this option is available, if you have already made payments and you have sufficient funds on your personal account.
    • Add to order... - if you have an order (if you order several services and want to pay them all in one), you can add payment to the that order.
    • Add new order - add a new order that you can pay either in the following form or in the Orders module.

If the registration or transfer failed, the red banner will be displayed on the toolbar.

In this case you must correct the information and re-register the domain by clicking the "Re-register/transfer the domain" icon.

Within a few hours your domain will be registered.

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