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To register multiple domain names, go to the Global settings module to specify the maximum number of domain names in the "Available domains limit" field. If you leave the field blank, your users won't be able to select other top-level domains when registering a domain name.

On the second step the customer must specify a domain name (hereinafter referred to as "main domain") a he wants to register.

The billing panel will choose all domain names that meet the following requirements:

  • have the same registrar as the main domain;
  • have a valid format (for example, if the main domain is 'тест.рф.' the validator won't allow to register 'тест.ru'. however, 'тест.com' will be allowed);
  • the number of domain names that the customer can register does not exceed the value you have specified in the "Available domains limit" field.

In the service package settings you can set priorities for domain names that you want to offer to your customers. The domain with the highest priority will be checked first.

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