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This form can be used to configure an SMS gateway to send sms to BILLmanager customers. Go to the Features module select the "SMS notification" and click the "Enable" button to activate this feature.

This can be useful if you customers for some reason do not read the email from the provider or do not use the "Support center" module. SMS notifications enable to inform customers whether they have insufficient funds on their accounts, which services they need to pay for, when they need to pay for them, etc.

Customers can select the billing notification they want to receive in the Email notifications module. The notifications will be sent to the verified phone number.

An sms notification template can be added or modified in the Message templates module.

Module «SMS gateway»
  • SMS gateway provider - select an SMS gateway provider.
Module «SMS gateway»

Depending on the SMS gateway provider selected above the form fields will vary.

Here you can view the information you need to provide into the form.

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