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This module can be used to manage message templates that can be sent to your users via SMS

You can add or modify a user's cell phone number in the User management module -> the user properties edit form.

Module «Message templates»
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Image:T-bullet.gif List of message templates
Image:T-edit.png Edit template
Image:T-start.png Test template

List of message templates

  • Template name - name of the message template.
  • Description - brief information related to the message.
  • Properties - template current status:
Image:p-on.png - active for all users by default
Image:p-off.png - disabled for all users by default
Image:p-error.png - no templates for one or several locales.

Edit sms template

To edit a template, locate the one you wish to edit, click the "Edit" icon and modify the settings you want to change.

  • Active by default - select the check box to apply the sms template for all your customers.

Test template

The function is used to view a result message that will be sent to your customers. To do that, select the required message and click the "Test" icon.

The following forms will be displayed:

Template test

Модуль «Message templates»
  • Locale - select a locale for displaying your message in the required language.

The second field will vary depending on the message you are going to create. For example, you will need to provide the id of the service or personal account. The full list of parameters can be found here.


Модуль «Message templates»

On this form you can see the XML document that your email message will be based on.

Модуль «Message templates»

On this form you can see the resulting message that will be sent to your customers.

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