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If your clients are dealing with e-commerce and they need to secure personal and confidential data that are transferred through the Internet (e.g. credit card information, authorization data, etc.), you may provide them with an SSL certificates service.

SSL - Secure Sockets Layer - provides secure transfer of information between client and Internet.

SSL technology makes use of private key for data encryption transferred through an SSL connection. To provide secure connection through a SSL protocol between server and browser, a SSL certificate is required. It is an electronic document which uses a digital signature to bind together a public key with an identity information. SSL certificate contains information about the key's owner, public key, etc.

The module can be used for SSL certificates management. You can add and delete certificates, view information about a certificate, download it and so on.

Module «SSL certificates»
Image:T-bullet.gif View a list of certificates
Image:T-download.png Download certificate
Image:T-new.png Add new certificate
Image:T-edit.png Certificate information
Image:T-delete.png Delete certificate
Image:T-editlist.png Signed certificates

View a list of certificates

  • Name - name of the SSL certificate.
  • Information - domain name that the certificate is issued for.
  • Expiration date - date and time when the certificate expires.
  • Type - type of the SSL certificate:
    • existent - import the certificate you already have.
    • self-signed - certificate is signed by its creator.
    • request - CSR can be signed by a root certificate or by your own certificate.
  • Status - current status of the certificate
Image:p-on.png - this SSL certificate is installed on the domain.
Image:p-off.png - this SSL certificate is not installed on the domain.

Download certificate

When you certificate is available for download, select it from the list, click the "Download" icon and fill out the form:

Module «SSL certificates»
  • Format - select a format to download the certificate.
    • Text file - the certificate will be downloaded as a text file.
    • PKCS# 12 - this is a binary format for storing the server certificate. When selecting this format, the following fields will display:
  • Password - provide a password to be able to use the certificate.
  • Confirm password - retype the password to ensure you have entered it correctly.

Certificate information

To view the information about a certificate, select it and click the "Info" icon. The form will vary depending on the certificate type. Normally, this form includes information that you have provided when creating a new SSL certificate.

The information in the form is read-only.

Delete certificate

To delete a certificate, select it from the list and click the "Delete" icon. Confirm that you want to delete the selected SSL certificate by clicking "OK" in the following form.

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