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This module can be used to search for new dedicated servers. DSmanager will check all the switches for new devices connected to their ports. The list will automatically include all the servers that you can register in the DSmanager control panel (provide their MAC address, port, etc.). The list may include not only servers, but also other network equipment. You do not need to delete them from the list every time they are added, it cam be put on the list of excluded MAC-addresses so that it won't be displayed any more. You can do that in the Excluded MAC-addresses module.


Image:T-bullet.gif View a list of servers
Image:T-search.png Search servers
Image:T-delete.png Exclude MAC-address
Image:T-delete.png Delete dedicated server
Image:T-start.png Run server

View a list of servers

  • Id - dedicated server unique identifier.
  • MAC - MAC-address of the network interface.
  • Type - dedicated server type. You may add more types in the Dedicated server types module.
  • Rack - location of this server in the rack.
  • Properties - current status of this server:
    • Image:p-admindown.png - server is disabled by Administrator.
    • Image:p-note.png - server's label or its number in the rack.
    • Image:p-on.png - server power is switched on.
    • Image:p-off.png - server power is switched off.
    • Image:p-ineton.png - server is connected to the network.
    • Image:p-inetoff.png - server is disconnected from the network.
    • Image:p-inetonoff.png - server status is unknown.
    • Image:p-ipmi.png - server is connected to IPMI.
    • Image:p-shell.png - server is connected to the KVM.
    • Image:p-install.gif - installation in progress.
  • IP-address - IP-address of the dedicated server network interface.
  • Server Name - server name that will display on the list.
  • Configuration - information concerning server configuration.

Search servers

To search for new dedicated servers, click the "Search" icon. All new dedicated servers will be put on the list and will be registered in DSmanager.

However, not only dedicated servers but also other network equipment will appear on the list. Not to delete this equipment every time you search for new servers, you may specify MAC-addresses that will be excluded. For more information see the Excluded MAC-addresses module.

Exclude MAC-address

This function cam be used to exclude MAC-addresses from the list of dedicated servers. Next time you will search for new servers, the server with this Mac-address won't display.

Clicking OK will put this server on the list of excluded MAC-addresses.

Delete dedicated server

To delete a dedicated server, select it from the list and click the "Delete" icon. Confirm that you want to delete the selected dedicated server by clicking OK on the following form.

Run server

To start a dedicated server, select it from the list and click the "Set to work" icon.

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