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In this module you can view the list of services with activated promotion codes.

The table below lists the services, the customers who ordered them, expenses and the service current status.

The module is read only.
Module«Promotion codes»
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View a list of services

  • ID - product or service identifier.
  • Name - product or service name and its short description.
  • Account - customer who has purchased the service. клиент, заказавший данную услугу.
  • Status - current status of the service or product:
    • Ordered - service has been ordered, but is not active (e.g. because has not been paid for).
    • Active - service is active.
    • Suspended - service has been stopped by the provider, e.g. it has not been paid for by due time.
    • In progress - service is being processed. Renew the page to learn a new status of the service or product.
  • Expenses - amount spent on the service provided.
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