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When providing services to your customers, it is important that they can get assistance and answers to their questions in an efficient manner. This can be achieved by setting up a customer-support center, where employees are engaged in attending to customer telephone calls and email messages, and providing assistance such as troubleshooting technical problems, resolving billing issues and checking the status of orders.

All the above mentioned operations are performed in the "Technical support" section - > the Trouble tickets module. Before you start to provide support to your customer, you need first to set up you billing panel.


Creating administrators and departments

A technical support department helps customers to resolve issues and problems. If a customer reports about an issue, it will be assigned to an appropriate support department or team member.

Following are the steps you need to walk through to create a support center department:

  • go to the Provider section -> the Administrator management module;
  • click the "New" icon Image:T-new.png and fill out the form. Select the check box "Superuser" to grant your support center member with superuser privileges. This will allow him to access all billing functions and modules. Otherwise, you can click the "Rights" icon Image:T-rights.png and select the modules that will be accessible for this administrator. For example, if you add a financial department member you will allow it to access such modules as "Customers", "Contracts", "Invoices", "Payments", "Expenses", etc.
  • go to the Department management module, click the "New" icon Image:T-new.png, enter the name for the department (for example, Technical support") and other department properties.
  • select the check box "Support center group" to allow your customers to choose this department when submitting a trouble ticket.
  • click the "Employees" icon Image:T-group.png and select administrators to be assigned to the newly created department.
  • click the "Rights" icon Image:T-rights.png to select modules that this department will be able to access.
  • specify department's business hours. This will help you to inform your customers when they are likely to get an answer to their question. This information will be shown to customer when submitting a ticket and selecting this department.

Setting up categories

Go to the Support center section -> the Categories module. Here you can use a wide range of functions flexible configuration of support categories.

When creating a category you can select a previously created department to deal with the issues related to this category. Select a project which customers will be able to choose the category, specify whether the category will be free or not. You can write a warning message to inform a customer that he selects a free category and he won't be able to get full technical support in this case.

Message templates

A customer ticket may contain a question that might have been already answered. You can create a message template with a standard answer to be able to paste it into a ticket, when needed.

Go to the Support center section -> the Message templates module, click the "New" icon Image:T-new.png to create a new message template. Once you have finished, an "Auto complete" link will be displayed on the ticket edit form. Clicking this link you will be able to choose a pre-defined message when answering your customers.


You can use announcements to inform your customers of changes, news, scheduled maintenance works that are going to be performed on server.

Go to the Announcements module and click the "New" icon Image:T-new.png to provide all required parameters (such as start and end time, a text of your message, etc.). A newly created message will be shown in the Active tickets module.

Select the check box "Block", if you do not want your clients to write tickets to the support center unless the works are over. A customer will see a corresponding error message and won't be able to submit a trouble ticket.

Email notifications

You can subscribe to email notification from the billing system to learn that a new trouble ticket was assigned to you or a new messages was posted to an existing ticket.

Go to the Other settings section -> the Email notifications module. A list of available email notification will appear. Select a notification you want to receive and click "Enable" Image:p-on.png. You can unsubscribe from a notification by clicking "Disaple" Image:p-off.png if you do not want to receive it any more.

More settings

There are a number of options that you can choose to enhance serving your clients.

Go to the Other settings section -> the Global settings module.

Open the "Settings" tab.

Number of ticket redirects - every time you assign a ticket to an administrator or department your customer will see that his ticket was assigned. You can hide this information by specifying the number of messages about ticket's routing to support specialists.

Close tickets if no further response is made - select this check box to automatically close a trouble ticket if no further response is made within a specified period. You can provide the number of days a ticket will remain open in the form that will appear below.

Customer support satisfaction will help you to learn how satisfied your customers are with technical support provided. Customers will be able to rate the whole ticket or its message depending on the settings you choose.

Customer support satisfaction repost, as well as other company reports can be found in the Other settings section -> the Reports module

External technical support

This option can be used to combine ticket systems of multiple billing panels into one. For more information read the article External technical support.

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