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With this function You can view and edit the customer's data. To do that, click the "Settings" icon on the control panel and fill out the following form: Payer

  • Status - status of the payer: Individual or Company. If the status is set to Company, the form additionally has VAT number and Company name fields.
  • Contact person - enter the person's name.
  • Phone number - enter the payer's telephone number.
  • Fax - enter the payer's fax number.
  • E-mail - enter the payer's e-mail which will be used for email notifications and passwords recovery. You can subscribe or unsubscribe from these messages in the Notification subscription module.

Address details

Postal address

  • Country - select a country.
  • Zip/Postal code - enter a zip/postal code.
  • City - enter a city of the payer.
  • Аddress - enter a full payer's address. You should specify a street, building and apartment.

With the status set to Company the form additionally has Legal address fields which should contain all the corresponding information. All the invoices issued are based on this information. Check the "Send documents by postal mail" box to enable this function.

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